When you say Winter, we say CAMPING: Twin Harbors State Park

Visited: Feb 6-8, 2019

The gods of weather blessed us with a break between weird winter storms, granting sunshine and (relatively) temperate weather for a birthday camping trip.

Shout out to my Mom: When she asked where I wanted to go for my birthday and I said camping, she didn’t bat an eye.

We arrived Wednesday afternoon to a completely deserted campground. Not a single other camper would appear during our stay. The western side of the campground is comprised of mainly tent sites, two yurts, and several cabins. It looks like it could get quite crowded in the summer, but winter camping sure suits our introvert tendencies.

We stayed in the “pet friendly” yurt, although why they would require a deposit for pets and not for toddlers is beyond me.

Let me tell you about yurts: They are circles and have beds. And an outlet for the coffeemaker. Also, heater. This was our first time staying in a yurt, and with five people and three dogs, it was CO-ZY.

Okay, let’s get to the good part: BEACH. Aggie and Charlotte are beach hounds for real. The first time I took Charlotte to the beach a few years ago, I thought she’d hate it, as she hates the hose, sprinklers, pools and squirt guns. What did that dog do when introduced (as far as I knew) to the ocean? She ran right into it. Good thing I can count on the waves to sweep her back to shore.


Aggie also loves the ocean, but her favorite part of the beach is SEAGULLS. We didn’t see any on this trip, but when a flock of little birds decided that frolicking on the shore would be a fun time, Aggie shooed them away like she owned the place.

One of the special features about this strip of beach, which stretches from Westport to Willapa Bay is the fantastic dune trail that rises up above the beach, allowing for a stroll along the beach from a different perspective. If anyone thinks the beach is just sand and water, they are reductive and WRONG.

Aggie,Vaughn, Guest Heeler Gambit enjoying some dune (Not pictured: Charlotte’s butt)
The view from the dune trail


Even cooler, just behind the dunes lies a forest of Shore Pine, short, scrubby trees with twisted branches that provide a ceiling of shade and a bit of a haunted fairytale vibe.


There are several trails leading from the forest trail to the campground, and every single one was swamped. Not like, a little muddy, but full on ponds. So we walked around to get back to the yurt after exploring.


We paid a visit to Westport in the off season, made some good food, and more or less stayed warm.

The secret to winter camping is scarves and a good book. 

There’s always something new to discover at the beach. No square inch is the same. Find a sand dollar, a neat shell, some seaweed, or (the dog’s favorite) a stinky dead crab. Just GO! Winter or not, there’s nothing that will compare to falling asleep to the lull of the ocean.

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