You Promised Me Snow: Little Ranger Peak

Hiked: Jan 15, 2019

Miles: 9.6

Elevation Gain: 2200 feet

A slight misconception as I took to the trail to ascend Little Ranger Peak on a cool, intermittently sunny day. My normally trusty Best Hikes with Dogs: Western Washington book mistakenly lists the round trip mileage at 6 miles. But the WTA description has the total miles at 12. Which is correct.

The first book I bought when I moved to Washington in 2015. I learned the hard way that a 3 out of 5 difficulty rating is a Dog Mountain.  And then I learned that for someone new to hikes with elevation, that is NOT a medium difficulty hike.

I didn’t end up going all the way to Little Ranger Peak because *excuse snow excuse* and I didn’t feel like it.

Charlotte was nursing a sore leg, so she sat this one out. It was just me and Aggie striking out on the trail.

Reminds me of the good old days when I was an only child. 

We parked at the Skookum Flats trailhead, crossed the bridge and 405 to a web of trails that includes Snoquera Falls and Palisades.

White River

We were on a quest for snow, ironic considering that as I write this, mother nature decided last night to dump a foot of snow outside our front door. The trail was completely empty, a peaceful uphill trek that gradually rose away from 405 traffic noise. Approximately four miles in, there’s a lookout where we sat and had snacks while taking in the view.



Because this is Norse Wilderness territory, there was also a view to the south of burned out forest, the dead trees stark against the bright, white snow.


As I have recently been practicing meditation, I took this time to just close my eyes, breathe, and live in the moment. So many times when I’m hiking, I’m hyperfocused on the destination, on achieving, on getting there (and then getting back) and it was a different experience just to sit and be.

And as I’ve recently been watching the X-Files, those clouds are definitely UFO’s

One of the reasons I love having those crazy furballs around is that they are all about the present moment. Every moment is the best moment of their lives (unless it’s bathtime.) Every walk, every hike, every car ride, every meal: it’s amazing every time.

And every selfie is their best selfie. 

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