The Melodious Sounds of I-5: Paradise Point State Park

Hiked: Jan. 2, 2019

Miles: 3?

Elevation Gain: Not really


Do you like your nature with a side helping of freeway noise? Do you want to enjoy the serenity of strolling alongside a peaceful river coupled with the anxiety-inducing rumble of I-5 traffic literally over your head?

Okay, so we can’t always have it all, and Paradise Point State Park is a convenient five minutes from I-5 when a quick getaway is needed. Situated along the Lewis River, there’s a swimming beach directly below the I-5 bridge, and a gentle trail that meanders peacefully between the river and marshland.


Though chilly, the day was partly sunny and rain free. The mud wasn’t too muddy, although Aggie and Charlotte were none too happy about not getting to swim in the river. Instead, we watched a canoe sail by and some ducks floating along the water.


Charlotte gives the grass 10 out of 10 WOOFS

Further down, the trail cut into the woods to a platform overlooking a tiny waterfall.


We wound back around to some walk-in campsites, which overlook a…field.

The highlight of this trip was a van that pulled up into the parking lot as we were leaving, and the people let out their three cats to stretch their legs. The cats wandered around, staying close to their people, and somehow the dogs didn’t notice them at all.

CATS don’t go hiking, Mom! Don’t be crazy! 

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